Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Green Tomatoes

I think most remember the delicious movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the WhistleStop Café'. Every year at the end of summer, there's a profusion of green tomatoes that has to be used before the first frost and since I do not do Fried Green Tomatoes, I have elaborated a Green Tomato Jam as well as a Green Tomato Chutney. I put word out at our local Café (Chez Minou et Kiki) that I am in business for Green Tomatoes and low and behold, different people from the village arrived with boxes of them! So here I am just going to give you a basic Green Tomato Jam recipe, and you can spruce it up with different spices to make it your creation! (I add vanilla pods and it gives it a divine taste)
  • Cut up the green tomatoes into blocks (the purest remove the pips - I do not have time and have not found any difference!)
  • Weigh 700 grams of Sugar for 1 kg of Tomatoes
  • Heat in a large casserole (or if you have a copper jam casserole even better) until the first bubbling!
  • Leave overnight and the next day cook until the bubbles are golden and bottle straight away.

Last night I did my 'Easy Cake' recipe and added some of my Green Tomato Jam. Rather nice must say!

I shall give you this easy recipe - really good to have and then to add whatever you feel like!

2 Eggs

160 Sugar

1 plain Yogurt

150 g Self Raising Flour

10 cl Sunflower Oil (Organic if possible)

Mix Eggs and Sugar together and beat until frothy.

Add yogurt Then stir Flour into this mixture
Add Oil at the end
Add 100 g of Green Tomato Jam (Other variations : 80g Coconut and Cinnamon; 100g Chestnut Purée; or other jams! Let the inspiration flow!!!!)

Bake in 180° oven until brown AND ENJOY!

Life is about sharing

ps I shall ask my Australian friend Frank Page for his wonderful Green Tomato Relish and if he's ok with me publishing it on the blog!!


The Gypsy Chef said...

Finally I have the recipe! I will make the easy cakes tomorrow. Enjoying a Beaujolais Nouveau while reading your blog. Sublime! I love your blog! Bisous, Pam

Neeta said...

Lynn, I made your easy cake today....doubled the recipe, used creme de marron (reduced the sugar a bit) and poached spiced pears.....
Thanks a million, easy and yumptious, and lends itself to so many variations, your recipe is a real winner :-)
Picture will be posted on Facebook, along with a link to your recipe page.....
Big Bisou, Neeta